Our Kemach Program

Many of the families here in Cleveland are suffering from the current economic setbacks and are in difficult financial straits. With an array of over 100 items, the yearly cost incurred by this project is $450,000. Families from all walks of life within the Cleveland Jewish community avail themselves of the opportunity to buy Pesach and Yom Tov goods at greatly reduced prices, enabling them to create a most enjoyable holiday. This program is held twice a year preceding the Holidays. Thanks to the over 130 volunteers who give of their time to assure the smooth running of our Pesach Distribution at the Hillcrest Food Warehouse. The Achdus and devotion of so many volunteers from all facets of Jewish life is heartwarming to see.


To make a donation by mail

Matan B’sayser
3528 Blanche Road
Cleveland Heights, Ohio 44118