Our Recipients

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Matan B’sayser services the broad spectrum across the Cleveland Jewish community. They include those who have lost their jobs, cannot find work, are under-employed, have medical or emotional concerns, suffer from disabilities, have children with special needs or are overwhelmed by large expenses and debt.

MB provides them with the support they need to deal with setbacks and redirect their energies towards establishing emotionally and financially stable families.

Who Refers Our Recipients

  • Local Rabbis who come in close contact with needy congregants
  • School principals or teachers who recognize children in need
  • Agencies or mental health professionals who deal with needy families and individuals
  • Acquaintances and neighbors who are familiar with the situation
  • At times, those in need approach the organization directly

Applicants fill out an application form and submit references, which are considered by Matan B’sayser. Follow-up evaluations of recipients assure eligibility for continued support.